Consulting Services

If you want to get your business online or you need to revamp your web presence completely and you’re not sure where to start, we can help you map out a winning strategy.

Tell us want you want to achieve (or if you’re not sure we can help you), and together we’ll create a plan that will translate into a great looking website that is more than just an online brochure.

Wishlist Member Coder can help you with:

Fitting a membership site with your business?

  • Various different membership models exist and we can help you navigate your options so you know the best choice for your clients
  • Numerous content models can be employed to better serve your clients and also strategically support your pricing models
  • Choosing which content delivery methods you wish to utilize, from sequential content delivery to down-loadable multi-media to publishing new content every week or month and many more
  • Pricing your membership levels can often be a big question mark? We’ll help you figure out how to best position your content to maximize your financial return
  • Most importantly, we can guide you on how to launch your membership site and develop a strategy for getting paid members fast!

Specific issues with creating a successful online presence:

  • Define the purpose and goals of your website
  • Create a strategy for your entire online sales process
  • Discover how your business model can take advantage of your website
  • Learn what’s involved in selling online and internet marketing
  • Choose a domain name that contributes to attracting more clients
  • Understand accessibility issues and how they may affect your business
  • Get a clear picture of all the costs involved in owning a website
  • Find a great hosting company
  • Be amazed as we share with you how to generate passive income from your website

Our consulting services are based upon our 29 years of technology experience. Contact us now to ensure your membership site starts off with a solid foundation.

World Class Experience

You can be confident in knowing that when you choose WishList Member Coder to help you build your professional membership site, you are choosing a team with world class experience that offers the highest standards in professional craftsmanship and results.