Looking for IT outsourcing consultants in the USA?

Many US and EU companies are looking for IT outsourcing consultants in the US to minimize their IT spending and secure a healthy bottom line. This is only natural, as the market demand for such expertise is always higher than the supply of talents (experienced talents, in particular). The reasons for this are multiple, yet the main one is that really skilled software engineers are employed either by global corporations with fat salaries, by cloud vendors, where they develop and support the latest tech, or by IT outsourcing companies, who help them to gain lots of experience by working on a variety of projects over a short time.

Just think about it. A productive and innovative employee is the one that is driven by some idea and goal aligned with the company. Most people are motivated by a desire to earn good money in order to live a secure and respectable life — and there is nothing wrong with that. Satisfying the basic needs of physical and financial security is the basic level of the Maslov pyramid.

 In addition, Millennials form the majority of the workforce nowadays, and this population stratum values the ability to travel and experience the world above all. Money is the key component for satisfying this expectation. Thus said, skilled software engineers prefer to work for market leaders and global corporations to ensure their financial security. It’s hard to hire such specialists in your team, as they have quite fat cheques and startup budgets are usually limited.

However, a huge percent of Millennials value the opportunity to do something remarkable in their lives and make the world a better place. Perhaps you are such a person, and you have a great startup idea and are looking for technical expertise to implement it? Thus said, such specialists begin their own startups or accept invitations from AWS, Google, Aure, Kubernetes, Docker, Hashicorp and other market leaders to have an opportunity to advance the technology and tools they use. Their motivation is not merely money, but self-realization and achieving new heights.

The last, but not the least important category of software engineers are the ones who are yet to gain sufficient expertise and self-assurance to apply for one o the two former roles. Such specialists work for IT outsourcing companies, as this job satisfies their financial requests and helps them learn a lot over a short period of time. Thus said, it is hard to convince them based on the salary only, or by promising to work on a single project for a couple of years.

Thus said, the best way to obtain access to highly-skilled and experienced software engineers is by hiring them through an IT outsourcing company that employs them. This way you get the formed team with cohesive workflows and ample experience in delivering projects similar to yours.

But how to find such a team? Look for top-rated agencies on platforms like TopTal, Upwork, Clutch and others. Google for customer reviews and try to contact these customers to get a firsthand impression on working with these IT service providers. Check their ratings and accolades, look through the history of their case studies and offered services — make sure they have all the expertise you need. It is also important to look for IT service providers, not merely IT outsourcing consultants in the USA — as the team must be responsible for delivering the product, not merely for consulting you on the matter.

Finally, perform several technical calls, as for their estimates and suggestions. A good team will be able to offer several variants of project implementation and ready solutions based on their previous experience, so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

This brief evaluation process will help you select the best fit for your project among IT outsourcing consultants in the USA. Good luck!