Multiple Shopping Cart Integrations?

One question some of our clients have is: can multiple shopping cart solutions be integrated at the same time?

Well, the answer is Yes.

We’ll explain why you would want to do this and how to do this in the rest of this article.

WLM is compatible with multiple shopping carts which gives you a bigger choice when integrating an e-commerce solution with your membership site. However, the question is, can you can give your potential members more choices?

It’s a given fact that some people (in fact, a large majority) prefer to make online payments with PayPal because they trust their payment details are secure as well as their identity. Yet, you can’t run an affiliate program through PayPal.

Multiple Payment Options

However, if you could also accept payment via Click Bank (one of the internets largest resources for affiliates and affiliate products) your customers would then have a choice. When a new member goes to join your membership site, you could present them with multiple payment options: PayPal or Click Bank.

For that matter, you could even have a 3rd choice with something like your own, personal branded checkout process using 1ShoppingCart.

Is One Choice Too Many?

Whatever payment solutions you decide on, be warned, split-test your options! Some internet marketers and sales psychologists preach that for every additional choice you give your potential customers, 50% of them will not make any choice at all!

Out of 100 potential customers, this equates to:

  • 1 choice = 50 people will make the choice, 50 will just leave
  • 2 choices = 25 people will make both choices, 75 will give up
  • 3 choices = 12 people will make all 3 choices, 88 will give up along the way

This is why you need to split test offering multiple payment options.

Common sense says that if a potential customer only sees 1 payment choice AND they don’t trust that option, then you’re not making any sales anyway!

Multiple payment options is about 2 things: Trust and Convenience

Your potential customers MUST trust at least one of the payment options you provide them.

Secondly, if they trust multiple payment options, they will usually go with the one that is more convenient for them. Note, this could mean the choose something like PayPal because its convenient for them to protect their identity too.