Setting Up WLM, the Right Way…

I get many inquiries about setting up Wishlist Member the right way, yet many people don’t realize there is no right way to set up WLM.

Wishlist Member is the most advanced and sophisticated membership software on the market and thus, because of this, provides the ability to implement at least a dozen different membership models with the ability to implement numerous content delivery strategies. Installing the Wishlist Member plugin is pretty straight-forward, you just need to upload the plugin to your WordPress plugins folder and then activate it. After that, one extra step is required which is entering your license key and purchase email and you’re ready to get started using Wishlist Member.

But how do you set it up right? Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

The biggest reason people struggle with how to setup Wishlist Member isn’t because of a lack of technical know-how. In fact, the biggest reason people struggle is because, to do it right requires a good amount of business knowledge. Wishlist Member is actually quite a complex piece of software and it allows you to do many different things with your membership site.

So here are a few questions to help you get started with figuring out how to setup WLM the right way – for you!

  1. What type of membership site do you want to create?
  2. Which membership model (or combination of membership models) will best serve your particular market?
  3. Which of over 20 revenue methods will you make use of in your membership site?
  4. What method will you use to get new members?
  5. What will be the purpose of your home page?
  6. Will you offer any surprise bonuses to new members?
  7. Will you offer a trial period?
  8. Will you have any sequential content and what goal does the sequential delivery achieve?
  9. Which one of 14 different launch methods will you use to launch your site?
  10. What retention strategies will you use to keep your membership strong?

These are just some of the questions every membership site owner needs to answer in order to have a successful membership site. Here at Wishlist Member Coder we have over 30 questions that we use when working with our clients that ensure that we create the perfect membership site for them and their market. When you look to hire someone to help you develop and implement your membership site, you need to ask them how they will help you answer these questions.

With the right answers, creating a membership site with Wishlist Member is easy