Sneak Peak of New Wishlist Member Features

The new version of Wishlist Member is scheduled to be released about July 1st, 2010. Stu McLaren and Tracy Childers have been keeping a close lid on the new features that will be enhancing our membership sites soon.

We’re pleased to reveal that due to a super secret special contact, we have some news on some exciting new features:

First off, is the ability to backup your Wishlist Member settings. This includes all of your membership levels, error page settings, sequential content delivery – everything. You will have the ability to Backup and Restore settings, as well as Import settings from one membership site into another.

Next, is something that will really help you build your mailing list – especially if you have a Free membership level. Under the Membership Levels tab, each membership level now has an Advanced Settings link. When clicked, it will expand to reveal a new set of options:

As you can see from the image above, new Registration Requirements enable you to inhibit SPAM registrations with the Captcha image, require a double opt-in before allowing Free members access to content and finally, to require every Free member to be manually approved. These Registration Requirements are only valid for non-payment membership levels.

Another new feature to point out above is the Level Order box. This comes into play when a member belongs to more than one membership level.

If a member belongs to more than one level, you can prioritize the redirection settings by “ranking” the levels with a number (1 lowest, 99-highest). The user will assume the redirection settings of the higher level.

Finally, a couple new options have been added to the Settings tab. First off, the reCaptcha settings are specified in order to facilitate the new Registration Requirement setting mentioned above.

The last item we will reveal is the Administrative option: Notify Admin on Exceeded Logins. This works in conjunction with the existing Default Login Limit setting.

More features will be revealed later this week, including the much-anticipated release of the InfusionSoft shopping cart integration.