WLM ver 2.5 Released Today

Today, November 17th WishList Products has released the newest version of their WishList Member membership plugin for WordPress.

Version 2.5  includes new, Full integrations for PremiumWebCart, InfusionSoft, RedOak Cart and a testing integration with the PayPal Sandbox.

PremiumWebCart is the new kid on the block and quite frankly, has been putting a huge dent in 1ShoppingCart’s client base. With last month’s complete meltdown at 1ShoppingCart (their entire platform went down for 2 days – Yes, that does mean that none, None of their clients were able to sell anything) – PremiumWebCart is able to offer a better platform with features that just frankly out-perform the dated offering from 1ShoppingCart.

In addition, the previous integration with 1ShoppingCart has been improved to Full integration – meaning if a member cancels their recurring payment, their membership will automatically be cancelled as well.

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In addition to integrations, WLM now has Folder Protection where folders on your hosting server – and all their containing content – can be protected by membership level. A very handy feature when you want to offer protected downloads to your members.

Support and tight integration for iDevAffiliate has also been added – this is great news if you already have this awesome affiliate software from iDevDirect.

The BIGGEST Change is this – WLM’s core data layer (the part of the application that handles the storage and retrieval of all the membership level and members information) has been completely redesigned. What does this mean to you?

  • SPEED! – WLM ver 2.5 sports an enormous speed improvement – if you install it and you are still suffering a slow site, you need better hosting – check out http://TorpedoHosting.com for high-performance, speed optimized WordPress hosting that is specifically geared towards WLM.
  • SCALABILITY – WLM is now a major player in the membership site software space. Do you have tens of thousands of members? Even 100,000+ members? WLM ver 2.5 can handle it with ease.

Finally, one of the most useful new features is the new Cancellation Date. This allows you to specific a future date that a specific member’s membership will be cancelled on for a specific membership level. Want to offer a 7 day trial? Use the cancellation date at 7 days into the future and if they don’t buy your premium membership level their Free trial will automatically expire. Simply awesome!!!

NOTE: Version 2.5 requires WP 3.x and PHP 5.x

UPGRADE NOTICE: Due to the extensive changes this version of WLM can not be easily rolled back. You will have to actually restore your entire WordPress site in order to rollback to a previous version of WLM. Make sure you do a complete backup before upgrading.

We highly recommend that you use something like BackupBuddy to make a copy of your site and then apply the new version of WLM to your testing copy of your site. If everything looks okay, then go ahead and apply the new version of WLM to your live membership site.

If you need help, please contact us – we’d be glad to help you upgrade.