WishList Member Coder is the brain child of Steve Dimmick and is here to create awesome membership sites that not only attract loads of members but actually create a movement!

About Steve Dimmick:

Steve Dimmick is the lead web designer and creative visionary at WishList Member Coder. His career spans 3 decades and encompasses everything from start-ups to well known national brands, to international corporate giants and to his own highly successful european consultancy.

Steve began his career in computer programming in 1981 using a Wang teletype machine with punched paper tape. Thankfully, he was able to start using the Apple IIe the following year, or otherwise may have never pursued a career in computing.

During his 29 years of experience Steve has helped various companies solve their technical and marketing challenges with internet and intranet solutions, including: entertainment companies, health and wellness professionals, bereavement specialists, marketing companies, coaches and financial corporations.

The rest of our team:

WishList Member Coder utilizes some of the most talented individuals in their respective fields. From logo designers to JavaScript specialists, photographers, audio engineers and many more, WishList Member Coder has the talent to help you thrive.